Friday, May 24, 2013

Heidi's Finest

Sorry for the late post reader(s) I got jammed up at my real job yesterday.  So, bakeries are pretty awesome.  How and/or can you really go wrong with one? They usually have that fresh baked goods which really just wet your appetite for something dessert-like.  Something about fresh baked goods when it hits your nose; something I would like to call a haunting aroma. 

Heidi's Finest 

This is a fine establishment that serves many baked goods, but specializes in German baked goods.  When I first walked into the place, I was blown away just from the smell of the baked goods.  As i walked to the glass case; I was like a kid in a candy store my nose pressed up the glass wanting to eat everything.  

As I make my order of a hot chocolate and some type of pastry that escapes my mind; i am instantly hit with a smell of waffle in the air.   Yes, they make waffles here.  At first I was confused and intrigued, but then I had to have it.  The amazingness that was happening in my nose had to happen in my mouth.  I quickly go back to the counter and request one for myself.  

It wasn't too long after that my waffle arrived to my table, it was not only big but fluffy.  I love a big fluffy waffle.  It was crisp on the outside and soft and amazing on the inside.  Not too much powdered sugar on top and just enough syrup to make it a complete meal.  

Now for the real story and/or spotlight here.  They have a semi-off menu waffle that I was introduced to by one of the staff, it was a waffle that had cinnamon and vanilla in it.   I looked at the girl behind the counter and asked her if it was any good.  She looked at me and said "it tastes like Christmas".  With that type of voucher how could I not order it.  Since I was already a fan of the regular waffle, how can I resist one that tastes like Christmas. 


The picture above should help sell the idea.  The waffle tasted exactly how you would think Christmas would taste like.  It was a waffle that almost tasted like there was a candy cane baked into it, but not in a bad way either.  

Oh also, the girls behind the counter are wearing traditional lederhosen, so that helps too.  All in all, this place is great for dessert and or coffee and or a place to relax.  

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Lido

Have you ever found a place that just didn't look like what it's supposed to be?  A restaurant that literally just looks like a place with a sign above the door that says "open".  You walk in and the place looks like it hasn't been updated in about 30 years.  You eat the food and immediately blown away from the taste.  That is what I love doing.  I love a hole in the wall kind of place. 

The Lido
I was first introduced to this place a few years back and I cannot stop going back there for the food.  The outside literally looks like someone just converted a old garage into a restaurant.  You would actually think this place isn't a place to eat, but I assure you it is.  The interior is pretty much the same story.  It's old and out of date but I love it.  You look behind the bar and you will find appliances that you would have at home.  The tables and chairs haven't been changed in a while.  The ceiling is clean enough, but you can see the age. All I can really say is that the place has a lot of character.  I can honestly say that I feel at home there.  The type of place where the waitress is really nice, but not cause it's her job, cause she/he just wants to be nice.  

The service is great.  You can laugh and talk with the waitress about what is good on the menu.  You can pretty much order anything off the menu and be happy with it.  There are two particular dishes that I will talk about.  I believe these two dishes are the star at this place.

First  would be the sliced steak sandwich.  Basically sliced steak SMOTHERED in butter over bread and a side of fries.  When I say it is smothered I mean it's 40% steak 80% butter.  Yes, I know that doesn't make 100% but that's how much butter there is on the steak.  This is not a bad thing.  It somehow has a great balance to it.  the taste and texture of it all just plays well together.  It's like the day that peanut butter met jelly.  This is one of the only things I order from this place and I am happy with it.  

Second dish would be the pizza.  Their idea of pizza is awesome.  There are few places that I have found that make this type of pizza so well.  This pizza is the thin crust pizza.  A crust so thin and made so well it might as well be a cracker.  I am not joking here people.  This pizza is awesome sauce with a side of high fives all around, it's thin and flaky, tasty and great. I can probably eat a whole pie by myself (most likely two).  

If you are looking for a great hole in the wall type of place to eat at.  If you are looking for a surprisingly great meal.  Find this place and eat there.  I think you will enjoy it.


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Harold's Kosher Market

Sandwiches are one of my favorite types of food.  A sandwich represents the infinite possibilities of life.  The best thing of it all is that it's simple.  Take two pieces of bread and or bread like product and put something in between. When I say something I mean anything (up to your imagination).  Yes, people create some staple sandwiches and most people eat on a daily basis, but a sandwich will allow you to divert.  You can ask for most anything to be made into a sandwich and it's probably gonna be awesome. 

Harold's Kosher Market
Most anyone can make a sandwich.  It's an easy process that is fairly hard to mess up.  Take what ever ingredients asked of you and put it in. Boom sandwich made please pay at the counter and enjoy the meal.  Like anything else that is "simple" or "easy" not everyone makes it the same.  Every deli has their own ways of slicing the meat and or cooking the meat and or sandwiching the meat and or ingredients.  One can really say most deli's are cookie cutter-esc.  I would reply to you that you have not been to the right deli.

There is this deli/Kosher Market in Paramus, NJ that I can say has a special place in my heart.  I have been a fan of hot pastrami on rye bread for a while.  When I am in the mood I would walk into a deli and ask for it and it's done.  I had no idea that it could get any better.  Hot pastrami is hot pastrami, it's all fairly the same across the board.  

Until the day Harold's Kosher Market found me.  Yes, they found me I did not find them.  I walk into the place and think to myself normal Kosher deli.  I walk into the back area take a number and wait my turn.  I ask the sandwich maker in the back for my hot pastrami.  He looks at me and asks what I want on it.  I reply "you can put stuff on it to make it better?"  He looks back at me as if I just committed a crime in front of him.  He then said okay I will put this together for you and you let me know if it's better.  

He didn't tell me what he put into it; he just told me to thank him later.   I walk away laughing and happy.  I pay for the sandwich and eat the sandwich in my car.  The first bite of the sandwich can only be described as wow.  The hot pastrami was at a perfect temperature, piled high and cut to perfection.  The extra ingredients put into it was inspired.  I had not known that you could improve on pastrami, but you can and he did.  I made quick work of the meal.  I walked back in and asked what he did.  He replied house made coleslaw and russian dressing.  I replied "that simple?"  He laughed and said your welcome.  

These guys set the bar for me as far as hot pastrami goes.  I know what you are saying what about Katz deli in the city.  Yeah they are good, but for a jerseyboy like me.  Harold's is my Katz.  The guys behind the counter are funny and know what they are doing.  There are sandwich makers and there are sandwich artists. They happen to be sandwich artists.  Go there eat.  Your welcome.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Raymond's (Ridgewood Location)

I have a general rule of thumb that has proven me correct about 90% of the time about diners in NJ.  If a diner has some type of  brick face/ stone work on the outside, you probably found a really good diner to eat at.   Most diners that are all steel or "modern"  usually don't pan out too well.  There are a few exceptions that I have found over the years, but mostly any diner with brick face is good to go.


I usually don't do this so fast about a place, but I can't help myself.   So diners are pretty commonplace here in New Jersey.  I would be comfortable to say that New Jersey has more diners than people.  Finding a good diner is pretty hard to do.  Most diners serve the same food pretty much across the board.   It's rare for me to say that a diner is amazing, and with that in mind this place was pretty amazing.  I know that I just gave away the ending to my review, but stick around cause it gets better.

This place is a newly established dinner in Ridgewood, NJ.  It's fairly unassuming when you look at it from the outside.   Yes, it has brick face on it so my hopes were already high on it.  It had a very simple look on the outside, which I like.  

I walk into the door and I was greeted by not one BUT two hostesses.  They kindly greeted me and did their normal job.  I was quickly seated at my table.   I was then given a menu.  Possible the best menu I have seen in a while.  I say this cause it was only ONE page.  Yes, I know a one page menu is pretty unheard of especially in the dinner game.  Most dinners that I have been to in my life give you a 10 page menu that has like size 8 font on it so they can cram in a lot.   This place was like NOPE here is what we have take it or leave it.

So after i adjusted to the idea of a one page menu the waitress (Nancy) walks over and asks if I knew what I wanted.  I order my standard coffee and ask her what she would recommend to me.  She rattles off a few of her top choices.  Then, as if she was struck by lighting, she enthusiastically recommended the french toast.  The sales pitch and tone of her voice really sold me on the idea.  So I sat there for about 5-8 minutes.  The following image is what they brought out to me

I have said this in the past, but it needs repeating.  I usually do not take pictures of my food.  I like to craft my words in a way that you would enjoy the meal of my words.  This is one of the exceptions.  Almost like crostinis that were re-purposed for french toast.  They were light and delicious.  They also had a center that I can only describe as creamy.  I poured the syrup on top to bring it home.  The fresh little fruits on the side combined with the french toast were a revelation.

Midway into my meal I felt the meal needed a side of scrambled eggs.  In my mind this meal was already complete, but you can't really go wrong with eggs and french toast.  I really had nothing in mind for the eggs, cause eggs are eggs.  Everyone makes them and there is no real way to make them better.  Plus, I asked for them to be scrambled soft you can't improve on something so simple.  I WAS WRONG.  I can honestly say that this was THE best eggs I have ever had in my life.  Seriously best eggs ever.  I was later told that the eggs were farm fresh eggs from a local farm not too far away.  Nancy had told me that they get the eggs fresh pretty much daily.  I then replied to her that that was possibly the first time I had real eggs.  Now I don't know if I can ever go back.

So basically, I love this place.  This has dethroned many of my favorite diners in NJ.  It has possibly set the bar high for many of my favorite restaurants.  They have taken my most favorite ideas of how a restaurant should be; simple, fresh and easy.   This place was so good that it made me mad.  I usually try not to gush over food and restaurants.   I try to put my emotions to the side, but when I encounter some place that does it right in so many ways, I can't help myself.   I am now honestly trying to find excuses to go there more often, because if breakfast was that good I can only imagine dinner.   I highly recommend going.  Make/find an excuse to go.  You will not be disappointed.

For more information follow the link below:

Please be advised that the location on the ridgewood raymond's has not been added yet.  Address is as follows 101 E Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450.  

Also on a more personal it's my brother's birthday today.  Happy Birthday.  Love you.   

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Samdan Restaurant

As part of my journey to healthier eating I have embarked upon finding a fresher food.  I have come to realize that grilled foods are fairly healthier than other foods.  That being said, it's hard to find a place that does grilled food well.  Most of the time most of the grilled foods you can find are of the Mediterranean origin (usually within an earshot of Greece).  As per any other "ethnic" food, everyone has their variation of recipes and what have you. 

Samdan Restaurant

Lamb is a hard meat to took.  Most any chef and or normal person would agree to that statement.   It's one of those types of meat that takes extra care to cook.   It's one of those types of meat that if over cooked you find yourself in the the rubber tire area; and on the other side undercooked and you have a bloody mess.   It takes time and skill to master, and most people can't or won't.   This place on a consistent basis has made some great lamb for me.  I honestly can say that this place is on my top three places that cooks awesome lamb.  I don't know if it's the cook or how they cook it, but I heart it all the same.

From the start of the meal, you get some really refreshing delights.   They start you off with this very freshly cut salad of tomatoes, zucchini and other fresh veggies in an olive oil dressing.  I often find myself looking forward to that part of the meal the most.   I am not a salad type of guy, but this is on my exception list.  It's super light and refreshing.   They bring a basket of warm pita bread to your table so I often combine the two.   That in itself is a meal.   I like to take my time and savor every bite of the salad, and like I said before I am not a salad type of guy.   This is a salad that can make a guy rethink his views on salads.   

The only thing I have ordered on a consistent basis is the lamb.  I can say that it's very consistent.  That in itself speaks volumes.   Being able to create a consistent lamb over rice is pretty awesome in my books.  And also, if you are in the mood for lemonade they make it very good here.  I would say that as far as lemonade goes it's number two on my list of awesome lemonade.  It's what I would consider coming close to the perfect lemonade.

The atmosphere and staff is very family friendly and welcoming. I would go as far as to say they make you feel like family.  The portions are large enough to fill your belly, but not over-sized to make you feel too full. 

So if you are looking for a great fresh meal that is prepared in a traditional, yet modern way go to this place.  It will give you a taste of the old country.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Celebrity Bagels

Bagels!  Most any town within the tri-state area has a bagel place.  Most towns have several bagel places and claim to have the best bagels ever.  I have traveled to most of them and tasted them.  I have to say that most places are fairly generic until I found Celebrity Bagels.

Celebrity Bagels

The bagel I would say is pretty much like a pizza.  It's a staple food that a good amount of people agree upon and consume on a daily basis.  It's good for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It can be consumed plain and or with various toppings.  It has the ability to have different "toppings" on it and also in it.  The bagel is versatile, this is why it is popular.  It has the ability to take on what ever meal the consumer wants to eat.  

I know what most of you are saying right now, a bagel is a bagel.  I say neigh sir/ma'am  this bagel is totally above and beyond.  Most bagels I have had in my life are fairly generic in taste, look, and texture.  The recipe and style are fairly the same across the board when it comes to most places. 

Celebrity Bagels has taken this staple food to a new level.  I often take my friends and family members to this place to experience it.  The texture, taste and look of the bagel cannot be matched.  I still do not know how they prepare it, but I know that it's one of a kind.  I am sure the owner will never let that secret go.  

What makes it so good?  Honestly it's what I like to call the "fluffiness" of it.  It's soft and doughie inside with a nice and hard outside, just like me!  It goes perfect with pretty much any topping they provide at that place.  They also have a wide arrangement of pretty awesome spreads.  This place really takes bagels to a new level and I am there fairly often.  The best part of this place is that you can take their bagels freeze them and all you have to do is throw them in the oven/microwave for a couple minutes and IT'S THE SAME AS IF IT WAS FRESH.  That does not happen often.  I have had reheated bagels that tastes like freezer, but this defies the freezer.  

Heck my parents give these to my out of town relatives as if it were some type of gold and or precious commodity.  As it should be considered, because it's that awesome.  

So if your ever in Tenafly, NJ and you see this place out the corner of your eye.  You must stop in and grab a bagel.  You will certainly enjoy it.  Then you will think to yourself that all other bagels that you have had in your life were just placeholders until you found this place.  A bagel is not a bagel until you have had a Celebrity Bagel.  Just sayin.


Follow link for more info.  Sorry they don't have a website.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Green Papaya

The little Thai place that I think everyone should know about.   When I think of Thai food I usually only think of Green Papaya.

Green Papaya

Home cooked meals are pretty awesome.  I appreciate any place that can capture that feeling/taste when they cook.   Green Papaya has been able to achieve such a feet.  I remember when I first ate here and I ordered the Pad Thai.  I was immediately surprised on how good it was.  Something about the flavor profile they are able to make is pretty awesome. 

I was also pleasantly surprised cause the place isn't fancy, which I truly appreciate.  I am not a complicated man, but I hate it when the decor doesn't match the food.  This place offers a simple concept that I think most restaurants need to follow, simple easy food  that is good and fun to eat.  

I can honestly say that I have tried most everything on their menu and was not disappointed at all.  I also think these guys make some of the best bubble tea in the area outside of NYC.   Seriously if you only come to this place for the bubble tea I would not blame you.  In-fact I am usually there once a month picking up an order of bubble tea.  

I do not know what else to say about this place.   I highly recommend going.  They make awesome simple food that is awesome to eat.  Simple food made great. 

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Friday, March 29, 2013


By now you all should know that I love a good burger.  I am always in the hunt for a great burger joint with good food.  This means I have to take the great with the disgrace.  This place is a disgrace to any place that would consider itself a burger joint.


Where to start with this review.  I will start with the staff.  While I applaud them for having a nice staff, that is really the only redeeming quality of that place.  I am not one to ask people to wear uniforms at a restaurant, but at least dress like you work there.  When I walked into this place I saw a couple kids just standing around.  Not until one of them walked up to me and asked if they could help me was when I realized they worked there.   

I am not one to tell people what to do or say, but there are a few things that you must consider when you work there.  When someone walks in, I think it would be nice to be greeted.  Something along the lines of "welcome to Burgerwood".  Also a name tag or apron would help distinguish a worker to a customer.  I honestly thought the kids that were waiting on me were regular people or customers until they started actually waiting on me.  

Information is KEY.  I asked about a few items on the menu and they seemed very unsure about themselves.   If staff cannot be sure about the product be sure to make them know.  I think customers will buy your product more when people are educated about the product they are selling.  

Also as far as decoration goes.  The previous place was a muscle maker grill.  I was in there a few times.  The decoration did NOT change.  I know things are expensive, but a can of paint won't hurt.  

As far as the food goes.  I rarely say this, but I HATE the food there.  It was borderline offensive.  I ordered corn souffle.  I have had some amazing corn souffle in my life, but this was not.  I know what you are saying.  "But Cezar you went to a burger place and ordered a corn souffle?"  Yes I did.  I did that to test them.  If you have something like corn souffle on the menu, something I would consider an odd ball for a burger joint.  I will order it just to see. 

I had some high hopes for the corn souffle because they said that it will be at least 15 min to get the order to me.  I thought it was because it was going to be fresh.  Fresh it was, but good it was NOT.  this thing was more like corn bread than corn souffle.  They had the gaul to not only say that this was corn souffle but charge $11 for it.  I paid $11 for corn bread.  I was very angry.  I tried this thing from all sides and angles.   This was corn bread.  I was tempted to throw the dish out.   

Seeing that the corn souffle was not that good, I did not have high hopes for the burger I ordered.  I was right not too hope high for it.  Just for future reference when you try to make a burger look fancy, sometimes you forget to make a good burger.  This place wants to make fancy burgers and forget about actually make good burgers.  The bread was too much bread for the burger.  They pile high the toppings therefore taking the attention away from the burger.  I took a bite of this thing and was very displeased.  I didn't even taste the ingredients.  All I tasted was disappointment.  I cleared off all the junk and tasted the meat itself, and was even more disappointed.  It was tasteless and unappetizing.   They didn't even season the meat.  

At the end of the day.  This place makes BAD food for high prices.  I DO NOT recommend going to this place.  Save yourself the money time and heartbreak.  I usually do not wish for places to gout of of business, but this place is an eye sore and needs to be replaced by someone that knows what they are doing.   

Their moto is five star burgers and more.  I say they are liars and for any foodie or anyone curious about this place.  STEER CLEAR of it.  It's not worth your time. 


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Friday, March 22, 2013

Tea Fields

So I have been on the hunt for alternative places to dine with the mindset of a diabetic.  Sadly it is tougher than one would expect to find some place.

Tea Fields
There aren't many coffee shops that I consider a good place to eat.  Coffee and tea shops only really focus on those two aspects.  I walk past Tea Fields almost on a daily basis.  The store really didn't grab my attention, until one day I decided to walk into the place.  I found the place to be comfortable and friendly.  It felt as if I was at home ready to brew my tea or coffee.  

I walked up to the counter and made polite conversation with a lady behind the counter ( I later found out she owned the place).  In a passing conversation about my recent diabetes diagnosis, she recommended several of her dishes for me to eat.  I took her advice and ordered what she recommended.  

I ordered their house special salad and a bowl of soup.  You can ask anyone of my friends or family about my feelings on salad.  I am one not to eat salad if I can, but decided to order it anyways.  I was delightfully surprise it delicious.  The carefully picked and planned ingredients really tied the salad together.   mend going to tea fields.   You will find an amazingly friendly staff with a wealth of knowledge of their teas and products.  I person
I am one not to really will be going back several times d about how great the salad tasted.  It was light and refreshing.  The house made dressing really madeally boast about salad or healthy food, but I highly recom for the salad alone.   

Bai 5
I know this is unusual for me to package two posts at a time, but this has to be in here.  This is NOT about a restaurant, but a product.  I stumbled upon this drink a few weeks back at a local store.  I truly believe that is product is AMAZING.  

My nutritionist had advised me that fruit juices are really bad for diabetics.  Sadly I enjoy juices like many people.  So when i discovered this this drink, I thought it was a gift.   The calorie count is really low and the carb count is low as well.  They even advertise that it will not affect my blood glucose.  I believe that this is a perfect drink for diabetics.  You can get the juice drink you crave without risking a blood sugar spike.  I highly recommend you consume this drink if  you are diabetic.  This is a great alternative.  I will be drinking this for long time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Today I will write about a few personal things. I kinda promised myself that I would keep this blog as pure to the food as possible.  This kind of relates to all of it. 

I just recently found out that I am diabetic.   Yeah, the news isn't good kids.  That is about it.  It's something that I expected to eventually get because my family has a deep history of it.  I also expected to get it because of the culture I come from.  The Filipino people have many things in common diabetes, heart disease, bad cholesterol, cancer and high blood pressure.  My family has a history of all of the above. 

In hindsight, I should have taken better measures to prevent this from happening to me, but I did not.  I should have watched my intake.  I should have exercised more. I should have done more to avoid it.  There is a lot of things that I should have done, but too stubborn or stupid to do.

I do not write this to gain your sympathy.  I do not write this to get your attention.  I write this as a cautionary tale.  I have a disease that will eventually kill me.  I have a disease that will and has changed my life.  I have a disease that could have been prevented.  The signs were all there.  I should have seen them and worked to avoid all of this. 

I will still go to places and eat and review.  I will also try to find a menu that tailors to diabetics.  This disease will not beat me.  I want to live a full and normal life.

So please, get yourself checked for this disease.  I know most of you say that this will never happen to you.  I tell you that this happens to a lot more people now a days.  There is a lot of information but also a lot of ignorance about the disease. 

Lastly, I do not want to be considered as a diabetic.  I do not want to be labeled as part of the disease.  I am a person that happens to have diabetes, a disease that can be managed and in some cases beaten.  I will beat this and I will continue to be more than it. 

Thanks for lending me your time.  I hope that you have found this as motivation.  I do not want to sound preachy.  I just don't want anyone else to hear the news as I did.  I want you to live a normal life.  If someone in your life has this disease, I suggest you reach out to support them.  Diabetes is something that people live with, but life would be better if friends and family came to help support.  Do not make martyrs of these people, make them feel safe and supported.  I would hate it if people treated me with kid gloves.  I am still a person. 


The End

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sushi X

I have always been a fan of Japanese food, but much like Korean food, it really varies from cook to cook.  Also, they both tend to be on the higher price side.  I understand that the type of fish they use and how it is prepared must be taken into account, but sometimes I chose other types of food just because of price. 

Sushi X

Sushi has always been one of those types of meals that I did not really care for.  I have always found places that made the Sushi, but something was always a little off.  I have spent some time in Japan and because of that I am very picky when I eat Sushi here in the States, until I found this place.  

Sushi has always been, in my mind, a very one dimensional food.  The ingredients being the same across the board.  So, I always thought that Sushi was really just one note type of food.  Sushi X has shown me that it was not the food but the people who prepare it.  

For some reason, I have found that Sushi X cooks just make it right.  It tastes fresh and delicious and served straight from the kitchen.   I have found myself ordering things on their menu that I thought I would never order again.   

This restaurant  does so many things right as far as food goes.  I truly think that the food here is top notch.  They also create their own versions of rolls that I love.  I often find myself at this place just choosing once of everything on the menu.  

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, it is a all you can eat place.  I know what you are thinking/saying.  Those type of places have no soul and or a factory for bad food.  I say that you are wrong sir/ma'am.  This is a type of place that even though it is a "buffet" everything is made fresh to order.  Like I put in my order and I have to wait for a few minutes for it to come out of the kitchen and or sushi chefs.  

If I have anything bad to say about this place, it would be about the service.  SOMETIMES, when they are NOT busy they forget about the clients.  It's is funny how that works in that place.  I have been there when it is jammed up with people and I have had the best service.  Then I go there when there is NO ONE but me there and I am forgotten about.  

I do highly recommend for you to go there and eat.  It is some of the best sushi I have ever had.  

Here is the score:
Service: 3.8
Food: 5
Decor: 5
Price:4 (high priced, but worth it because of the food.)
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tito's Burritos

So, it has been a while.  I had to take a hiatus for a while, but I have returned with a stack full of places to eat at, so I figure we are all good. 

Tito's Burritos

I have been on the hunt for a really good taco/burrito place for a very long time.  I have found that most places that fancy themselves as a taco/burrito place have little to no clue.  Sometimes I find places that just out and out disgrace the idea of taco/burrito, such as most any food I like.  Finding that special place is somewhat rewarding once you actually find it, or in my case it finds me.  Tito's Burritos is that one place.

The place is a simple and clean place.  It's not too fancy nor does it try to be fancy.  It presents itself in the manner much like a person.  The place has what I like to call character, it's bight and welcoming.  The menu was not only fun to read but easy as well.   The choices of food are simple and straight forward.  That really was the first step of winning me over.  I love a menu that isn't cluttered and has way too much to choose from.  I love a menu that says here I am this is what I offer take it or leave it.   I chose to take it.  

I had many chances to try most to all of the things on the menu, and I have not been disappointed yet.  The one thing that really sticks out of my mind are the fish tacos.  Now, most people that know me well, know that I hate fish.  This is one of the few exceptions  of eating fish.  This is one of the few foods in which I feel obligated to order.  Never have I had a fish taco so well made and rewarding. 

Let me paint a picture.  Lightly fried white fish, when I say lightly I mean it's not greasy at all.  Like when I think fried fish I think of fish that taste more of oil than fish.  This is the exact opposite.  So, it's the fish then shredded cabbage, cilantro lime, and sauce pico de gallo salsa.  All held together by a hard shell taco and a soft shell.  

Oh man, that fist bite into it is/was/and always will be amazing for me.  No matter how many times I have had it.  That first bite into that taco takes me to places that I want to go to.  This taco is a journey for my taste buds and my emotions.  For those who know me well, I usually eat my food quickly.  This is one of those meals that I stop and reflect.  I savor the journey this taco takes me on.  

I would HIGHLY recommend going to this place.

Here is the score:
Food: 5
Decor: 5
Price: 5
Total: 5
This place is totally beyond my highest scores, but there it is kids.  I will ALWAYS be a fan of Titos Burritos.  It has earned a special place in my heart.  The bar has been set high.
I highly recommend getting their fried plantains.  It's pure deliciousness.  *WARNING* not for consumption if  you have diabetes and or trying to lose weight and or watching what you eat and or don't like sugary things.  Otherwise, have at it. 
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