Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Today I will write about a few personal things. I kinda promised myself that I would keep this blog as pure to the food as possible.  This kind of relates to all of it. 

I just recently found out that I am diabetic.   Yeah, the news isn't good kids.  That is about it.  It's something that I expected to eventually get because my family has a deep history of it.  I also expected to get it because of the culture I come from.  The Filipino people have many things in common diabetes, heart disease, bad cholesterol, cancer and high blood pressure.  My family has a history of all of the above. 

In hindsight, I should have taken better measures to prevent this from happening to me, but I did not.  I should have watched my intake.  I should have exercised more. I should have done more to avoid it.  There is a lot of things that I should have done, but too stubborn or stupid to do.

I do not write this to gain your sympathy.  I do not write this to get your attention.  I write this as a cautionary tale.  I have a disease that will eventually kill me.  I have a disease that will and has changed my life.  I have a disease that could have been prevented.  The signs were all there.  I should have seen them and worked to avoid all of this. 

I will still go to places and eat and review.  I will also try to find a menu that tailors to diabetics.  This disease will not beat me.  I want to live a full and normal life.

So please, get yourself checked for this disease.  I know most of you say that this will never happen to you.  I tell you that this happens to a lot more people now a days.  There is a lot of information but also a lot of ignorance about the disease. 

Lastly, I do not want to be considered as a diabetic.  I do not want to be labeled as part of the disease.  I am a person that happens to have diabetes, a disease that can be managed and in some cases beaten.  I will beat this and I will continue to be more than it. 

Thanks for lending me your time.  I hope that you have found this as motivation.  I do not want to sound preachy.  I just don't want anyone else to hear the news as I did.  I want you to live a normal life.  If someone in your life has this disease, I suggest you reach out to support them.  Diabetes is something that people live with, but life would be better if friends and family came to help support.  Do not make martyrs of these people, make them feel safe and supported.  I would hate it if people treated me with kid gloves.  I am still a person. 


The End

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  1. Hi Cezar, This is Matt. -Korean Matt. I realize this is an old post but I couldn't help myself when you said the word 'diabetes'. Diabetes had also been in the back of my head because it also runs in my family. I had a checkup a few months ago, and while I didn't quality as diabetic I was well on my way. I didn't understand because I thought I had eaten a relatively healthy diet (minus some ice cream here and there). Then I saw a TED Talks video that shook the foundation I had stood on for more than 30 years, that is, what I considered and what conventional wisdom told me was, "good for me or bad for me". Check it out if you haven't. http://www.ted.com/talks/peter_attia_what_if_we_re_wrong_about_diabetes.html