Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sushi X

I have always been a fan of Japanese food, but much like Korean food, it really varies from cook to cook.  Also, they both tend to be on the higher price side.  I understand that the type of fish they use and how it is prepared must be taken into account, but sometimes I chose other types of food just because of price. 

Sushi X

Sushi has always been one of those types of meals that I did not really care for.  I have always found places that made the Sushi, but something was always a little off.  I have spent some time in Japan and because of that I am very picky when I eat Sushi here in the States, until I found this place.  

Sushi has always been, in my mind, a very one dimensional food.  The ingredients being the same across the board.  So, I always thought that Sushi was really just one note type of food.  Sushi X has shown me that it was not the food but the people who prepare it.  

For some reason, I have found that Sushi X cooks just make it right.  It tastes fresh and delicious and served straight from the kitchen.   I have found myself ordering things on their menu that I thought I would never order again.   

This restaurant  does so many things right as far as food goes.  I truly think that the food here is top notch.  They also create their own versions of rolls that I love.  I often find myself at this place just choosing once of everything on the menu.  

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, it is a all you can eat place.  I know what you are thinking/saying.  Those type of places have no soul and or a factory for bad food.  I say that you are wrong sir/ma'am.  This is a type of place that even though it is a "buffet" everything is made fresh to order.  Like I put in my order and I have to wait for a few minutes for it to come out of the kitchen and or sushi chefs.  

If I have anything bad to say about this place, it would be about the service.  SOMETIMES, when they are NOT busy they forget about the clients.  It's is funny how that works in that place.  I have been there when it is jammed up with people and I have had the best service.  Then I go there when there is NO ONE but me there and I am forgotten about.  

I do highly recommend for you to go there and eat.  It is some of the best sushi I have ever had.  

Here is the score:
Service: 3.8
Food: 5
Decor: 5
Price:4 (high priced, but worth it because of the food.)
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