Friday, May 24, 2013

Heidi's Finest

Sorry for the late post reader(s) I got jammed up at my real job yesterday.  So, bakeries are pretty awesome.  How and/or can you really go wrong with one? They usually have that fresh baked goods which really just wet your appetite for something dessert-like.  Something about fresh baked goods when it hits your nose; something I would like to call a haunting aroma. 

Heidi's Finest 

This is a fine establishment that serves many baked goods, but specializes in German baked goods.  When I first walked into the place, I was blown away just from the smell of the baked goods.  As i walked to the glass case; I was like a kid in a candy store my nose pressed up the glass wanting to eat everything.  

As I make my order of a hot chocolate and some type of pastry that escapes my mind; i am instantly hit with a smell of waffle in the air.   Yes, they make waffles here.  At first I was confused and intrigued, but then I had to have it.  The amazingness that was happening in my nose had to happen in my mouth.  I quickly go back to the counter and request one for myself.  

It wasn't too long after that my waffle arrived to my table, it was not only big but fluffy.  I love a big fluffy waffle.  It was crisp on the outside and soft and amazing on the inside.  Not too much powdered sugar on top and just enough syrup to make it a complete meal.  

Now for the real story and/or spotlight here.  They have a semi-off menu waffle that I was introduced to by one of the staff, it was a waffle that had cinnamon and vanilla in it.   I looked at the girl behind the counter and asked her if it was any good.  She looked at me and said "it tastes like Christmas".  With that type of voucher how could I not order it.  Since I was already a fan of the regular waffle, how can I resist one that tastes like Christmas. 


The picture above should help sell the idea.  The waffle tasted exactly how you would think Christmas would taste like.  It was a waffle that almost tasted like there was a candy cane baked into it, but not in a bad way either.  

Oh also, the girls behind the counter are wearing traditional lederhosen, so that helps too.  All in all, this place is great for dessert and or coffee and or a place to relax.  

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Lido

Have you ever found a place that just didn't look like what it's supposed to be?  A restaurant that literally just looks like a place with a sign above the door that says "open".  You walk in and the place looks like it hasn't been updated in about 30 years.  You eat the food and immediately blown away from the taste.  That is what I love doing.  I love a hole in the wall kind of place. 

The Lido
I was first introduced to this place a few years back and I cannot stop going back there for the food.  The outside literally looks like someone just converted a old garage into a restaurant.  You would actually think this place isn't a place to eat, but I assure you it is.  The interior is pretty much the same story.  It's old and out of date but I love it.  You look behind the bar and you will find appliances that you would have at home.  The tables and chairs haven't been changed in a while.  The ceiling is clean enough, but you can see the age. All I can really say is that the place has a lot of character.  I can honestly say that I feel at home there.  The type of place where the waitress is really nice, but not cause it's her job, cause she/he just wants to be nice.  

The service is great.  You can laugh and talk with the waitress about what is good on the menu.  You can pretty much order anything off the menu and be happy with it.  There are two particular dishes that I will talk about.  I believe these two dishes are the star at this place.

First  would be the sliced steak sandwich.  Basically sliced steak SMOTHERED in butter over bread and a side of fries.  When I say it is smothered I mean it's 40% steak 80% butter.  Yes, I know that doesn't make 100% but that's how much butter there is on the steak.  This is not a bad thing.  It somehow has a great balance to it.  the taste and texture of it all just plays well together.  It's like the day that peanut butter met jelly.  This is one of the only things I order from this place and I am happy with it.  

Second dish would be the pizza.  Their idea of pizza is awesome.  There are few places that I have found that make this type of pizza so well.  This pizza is the thin crust pizza.  A crust so thin and made so well it might as well be a cracker.  I am not joking here people.  This pizza is awesome sauce with a side of high fives all around, it's thin and flaky, tasty and great. I can probably eat a whole pie by myself (most likely two).  

If you are looking for a great hole in the wall type of place to eat at.  If you are looking for a surprisingly great meal.  Find this place and eat there.  I think you will enjoy it.


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Harold's Kosher Market

Sandwiches are one of my favorite types of food.  A sandwich represents the infinite possibilities of life.  The best thing of it all is that it's simple.  Take two pieces of bread and or bread like product and put something in between. When I say something I mean anything (up to your imagination).  Yes, people create some staple sandwiches and most people eat on a daily basis, but a sandwich will allow you to divert.  You can ask for most anything to be made into a sandwich and it's probably gonna be awesome. 

Harold's Kosher Market
Most anyone can make a sandwich.  It's an easy process that is fairly hard to mess up.  Take what ever ingredients asked of you and put it in. Boom sandwich made please pay at the counter and enjoy the meal.  Like anything else that is "simple" or "easy" not everyone makes it the same.  Every deli has their own ways of slicing the meat and or cooking the meat and or sandwiching the meat and or ingredients.  One can really say most deli's are cookie cutter-esc.  I would reply to you that you have not been to the right deli.

There is this deli/Kosher Market in Paramus, NJ that I can say has a special place in my heart.  I have been a fan of hot pastrami on rye bread for a while.  When I am in the mood I would walk into a deli and ask for it and it's done.  I had no idea that it could get any better.  Hot pastrami is hot pastrami, it's all fairly the same across the board.  

Until the day Harold's Kosher Market found me.  Yes, they found me I did not find them.  I walk into the place and think to myself normal Kosher deli.  I walk into the back area take a number and wait my turn.  I ask the sandwich maker in the back for my hot pastrami.  He looks at me and asks what I want on it.  I reply "you can put stuff on it to make it better?"  He looks back at me as if I just committed a crime in front of him.  He then said okay I will put this together for you and you let me know if it's better.  

He didn't tell me what he put into it; he just told me to thank him later.   I walk away laughing and happy.  I pay for the sandwich and eat the sandwich in my car.  The first bite of the sandwich can only be described as wow.  The hot pastrami was at a perfect temperature, piled high and cut to perfection.  The extra ingredients put into it was inspired.  I had not known that you could improve on pastrami, but you can and he did.  I made quick work of the meal.  I walked back in and asked what he did.  He replied house made coleslaw and russian dressing.  I replied "that simple?"  He laughed and said your welcome.  

These guys set the bar for me as far as hot pastrami goes.  I know what you are saying what about Katz deli in the city.  Yeah they are good, but for a jerseyboy like me.  Harold's is my Katz.  The guys behind the counter are funny and know what they are doing.  There are sandwich makers and there are sandwich artists. They happen to be sandwich artists.  Go there eat.  Your welcome.

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