Thursday, May 9, 2013

Harold's Kosher Market

Sandwiches are one of my favorite types of food.  A sandwich represents the infinite possibilities of life.  The best thing of it all is that it's simple.  Take two pieces of bread and or bread like product and put something in between. When I say something I mean anything (up to your imagination).  Yes, people create some staple sandwiches and most people eat on a daily basis, but a sandwich will allow you to divert.  You can ask for most anything to be made into a sandwich and it's probably gonna be awesome. 

Harold's Kosher Market
Most anyone can make a sandwich.  It's an easy process that is fairly hard to mess up.  Take what ever ingredients asked of you and put it in. Boom sandwich made please pay at the counter and enjoy the meal.  Like anything else that is "simple" or "easy" not everyone makes it the same.  Every deli has their own ways of slicing the meat and or cooking the meat and or sandwiching the meat and or ingredients.  One can really say most deli's are cookie cutter-esc.  I would reply to you that you have not been to the right deli.

There is this deli/Kosher Market in Paramus, NJ that I can say has a special place in my heart.  I have been a fan of hot pastrami on rye bread for a while.  When I am in the mood I would walk into a deli and ask for it and it's done.  I had no idea that it could get any better.  Hot pastrami is hot pastrami, it's all fairly the same across the board.  

Until the day Harold's Kosher Market found me.  Yes, they found me I did not find them.  I walk into the place and think to myself normal Kosher deli.  I walk into the back area take a number and wait my turn.  I ask the sandwich maker in the back for my hot pastrami.  He looks at me and asks what I want on it.  I reply "you can put stuff on it to make it better?"  He looks back at me as if I just committed a crime in front of him.  He then said okay I will put this together for you and you let me know if it's better.  

He didn't tell me what he put into it; he just told me to thank him later.   I walk away laughing and happy.  I pay for the sandwich and eat the sandwich in my car.  The first bite of the sandwich can only be described as wow.  The hot pastrami was at a perfect temperature, piled high and cut to perfection.  The extra ingredients put into it was inspired.  I had not known that you could improve on pastrami, but you can and he did.  I made quick work of the meal.  I walked back in and asked what he did.  He replied house made coleslaw and russian dressing.  I replied "that simple?"  He laughed and said your welcome.  

These guys set the bar for me as far as hot pastrami goes.  I know what you are saying what about Katz deli in the city.  Yeah they are good, but for a jerseyboy like me.  Harold's is my Katz.  The guys behind the counter are funny and know what they are doing.  There are sandwich makers and there are sandwich artists. They happen to be sandwich artists.  Go there eat.  Your welcome.

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