Friday, March 22, 2013

Tea Fields

So I have been on the hunt for alternative places to dine with the mindset of a diabetic.  Sadly it is tougher than one would expect to find some place.

Tea Fields
There aren't many coffee shops that I consider a good place to eat.  Coffee and tea shops only really focus on those two aspects.  I walk past Tea Fields almost on a daily basis.  The store really didn't grab my attention, until one day I decided to walk into the place.  I found the place to be comfortable and friendly.  It felt as if I was at home ready to brew my tea or coffee.  

I walked up to the counter and made polite conversation with a lady behind the counter ( I later found out she owned the place).  In a passing conversation about my recent diabetes diagnosis, she recommended several of her dishes for me to eat.  I took her advice and ordered what she recommended.  

I ordered their house special salad and a bowl of soup.  You can ask anyone of my friends or family about my feelings on salad.  I am one not to eat salad if I can, but decided to order it anyways.  I was delightfully surprise it delicious.  The carefully picked and planned ingredients really tied the salad together.   mend going to tea fields.   You will find an amazingly friendly staff with a wealth of knowledge of their teas and products.  I person
I am one not to really will be going back several times d about how great the salad tasted.  It was light and refreshing.  The house made dressing really madeally boast about salad or healthy food, but I highly recom for the salad alone.   

Bai 5
I know this is unusual for me to package two posts at a time, but this has to be in here.  This is NOT about a restaurant, but a product.  I stumbled upon this drink a few weeks back at a local store.  I truly believe that is product is AMAZING.  

My nutritionist had advised me that fruit juices are really bad for diabetics.  Sadly I enjoy juices like many people.  So when i discovered this this drink, I thought it was a gift.   The calorie count is really low and the carb count is low as well.  They even advertise that it will not affect my blood glucose.  I believe that this is a perfect drink for diabetics.  You can get the juice drink you crave without risking a blood sugar spike.  I highly recommend you consume this drink if  you are diabetic.  This is a great alternative.  I will be drinking this for long time.

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