Friday, March 29, 2013


By now you all should know that I love a good burger.  I am always in the hunt for a great burger joint with good food.  This means I have to take the great with the disgrace.  This place is a disgrace to any place that would consider itself a burger joint.


Where to start with this review.  I will start with the staff.  While I applaud them for having a nice staff, that is really the only redeeming quality of that place.  I am not one to ask people to wear uniforms at a restaurant, but at least dress like you work there.  When I walked into this place I saw a couple kids just standing around.  Not until one of them walked up to me and asked if they could help me was when I realized they worked there.   

I am not one to tell people what to do or say, but there are a few things that you must consider when you work there.  When someone walks in, I think it would be nice to be greeted.  Something along the lines of "welcome to Burgerwood".  Also a name tag or apron would help distinguish a worker to a customer.  I honestly thought the kids that were waiting on me were regular people or customers until they started actually waiting on me.  

Information is KEY.  I asked about a few items on the menu and they seemed very unsure about themselves.   If staff cannot be sure about the product be sure to make them know.  I think customers will buy your product more when people are educated about the product they are selling.  

Also as far as decoration goes.  The previous place was a muscle maker grill.  I was in there a few times.  The decoration did NOT change.  I know things are expensive, but a can of paint won't hurt.  

As far as the food goes.  I rarely say this, but I HATE the food there.  It was borderline offensive.  I ordered corn souffle.  I have had some amazing corn souffle in my life, but this was not.  I know what you are saying.  "But Cezar you went to a burger place and ordered a corn souffle?"  Yes I did.  I did that to test them.  If you have something like corn souffle on the menu, something I would consider an odd ball for a burger joint.  I will order it just to see. 

I had some high hopes for the corn souffle because they said that it will be at least 15 min to get the order to me.  I thought it was because it was going to be fresh.  Fresh it was, but good it was NOT.  this thing was more like corn bread than corn souffle.  They had the gaul to not only say that this was corn souffle but charge $11 for it.  I paid $11 for corn bread.  I was very angry.  I tried this thing from all sides and angles.   This was corn bread.  I was tempted to throw the dish out.   

Seeing that the corn souffle was not that good, I did not have high hopes for the burger I ordered.  I was right not too hope high for it.  Just for future reference when you try to make a burger look fancy, sometimes you forget to make a good burger.  This place wants to make fancy burgers and forget about actually make good burgers.  The bread was too much bread for the burger.  They pile high the toppings therefore taking the attention away from the burger.  I took a bite of this thing and was very displeased.  I didn't even taste the ingredients.  All I tasted was disappointment.  I cleared off all the junk and tasted the meat itself, and was even more disappointed.  It was tasteless and unappetizing.   They didn't even season the meat.  

At the end of the day.  This place makes BAD food for high prices.  I DO NOT recommend going to this place.  Save yourself the money time and heartbreak.  I usually do not wish for places to gout of of business, but this place is an eye sore and needs to be replaced by someone that knows what they are doing.   

Their moto is five star burgers and more.  I say they are liars and for any foodie or anyone curious about this place.  STEER CLEAR of it.  It's not worth your time. 


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