Thursday, April 25, 2013

Samdan Restaurant

As part of my journey to healthier eating I have embarked upon finding a fresher food.  I have come to realize that grilled foods are fairly healthier than other foods.  That being said, it's hard to find a place that does grilled food well.  Most of the time most of the grilled foods you can find are of the Mediterranean origin (usually within an earshot of Greece).  As per any other "ethnic" food, everyone has their variation of recipes and what have you. 

Samdan Restaurant

Lamb is a hard meat to took.  Most any chef and or normal person would agree to that statement.   It's one of those types of meat that takes extra care to cook.   It's one of those types of meat that if over cooked you find yourself in the the rubber tire area; and on the other side undercooked and you have a bloody mess.   It takes time and skill to master, and most people can't or won't.   This place on a consistent basis has made some great lamb for me.  I honestly can say that this place is on my top three places that cooks awesome lamb.  I don't know if it's the cook or how they cook it, but I heart it all the same.

From the start of the meal, you get some really refreshing delights.   They start you off with this very freshly cut salad of tomatoes, zucchini and other fresh veggies in an olive oil dressing.  I often find myself looking forward to that part of the meal the most.   I am not a salad type of guy, but this is on my exception list.  It's super light and refreshing.   They bring a basket of warm pita bread to your table so I often combine the two.   That in itself is a meal.   I like to take my time and savor every bite of the salad, and like I said before I am not a salad type of guy.   This is a salad that can make a guy rethink his views on salads.   

The only thing I have ordered on a consistent basis is the lamb.  I can say that it's very consistent.  That in itself speaks volumes.   Being able to create a consistent lamb over rice is pretty awesome in my books.  And also, if you are in the mood for lemonade they make it very good here.  I would say that as far as lemonade goes it's number two on my list of awesome lemonade.  It's what I would consider coming close to the perfect lemonade.

The atmosphere and staff is very family friendly and welcoming. I would go as far as to say they make you feel like family.  The portions are large enough to fill your belly, but not over-sized to make you feel too full. 

So if you are looking for a great fresh meal that is prepared in a traditional, yet modern way go to this place.  It will give you a taste of the old country.

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