Thursday, April 18, 2013

Celebrity Bagels

Bagels!  Most any town within the tri-state area has a bagel place.  Most towns have several bagel places and claim to have the best bagels ever.  I have traveled to most of them and tasted them.  I have to say that most places are fairly generic until I found Celebrity Bagels.

Celebrity Bagels

The bagel I would say is pretty much like a pizza.  It's a staple food that a good amount of people agree upon and consume on a daily basis.  It's good for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It can be consumed plain and or with various toppings.  It has the ability to have different "toppings" on it and also in it.  The bagel is versatile, this is why it is popular.  It has the ability to take on what ever meal the consumer wants to eat.  

I know what most of you are saying right now, a bagel is a bagel.  I say neigh sir/ma'am  this bagel is totally above and beyond.  Most bagels I have had in my life are fairly generic in taste, look, and texture.  The recipe and style are fairly the same across the board when it comes to most places. 

Celebrity Bagels has taken this staple food to a new level.  I often take my friends and family members to this place to experience it.  The texture, taste and look of the bagel cannot be matched.  I still do not know how they prepare it, but I know that it's one of a kind.  I am sure the owner will never let that secret go.  

What makes it so good?  Honestly it's what I like to call the "fluffiness" of it.  It's soft and doughie inside with a nice and hard outside, just like me!  It goes perfect with pretty much any topping they provide at that place.  They also have a wide arrangement of pretty awesome spreads.  This place really takes bagels to a new level and I am there fairly often.  The best part of this place is that you can take their bagels freeze them and all you have to do is throw them in the oven/microwave for a couple minutes and IT'S THE SAME AS IF IT WAS FRESH.  That does not happen often.  I have had reheated bagels that tastes like freezer, but this defies the freezer.  

Heck my parents give these to my out of town relatives as if it were some type of gold and or precious commodity.  As it should be considered, because it's that awesome.  

So if your ever in Tenafly, NJ and you see this place out the corner of your eye.  You must stop in and grab a bagel.  You will certainly enjoy it.  Then you will think to yourself that all other bagels that you have had in your life were just placeholders until you found this place.  A bagel is not a bagel until you have had a Celebrity Bagel.  Just sayin.


Follow link for more info.  Sorry they don't have a website.

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