Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rutt's Hutt

I recently visited this place.  I have decided not to write a review, instead I will write a love letter.

Rutt's Hutt
To whom it may concern:

I came to visit your place of work and try your food.  I really appreciate what you gave to me.  Some would think that a hotdog is a hotdog.  They are wrong, oh so very wrong.  What you have given and or made for me was, for lack of a better term, magic. 

I do feel that your exterior and interior feels a little outdated, but it adds so much character.  I also do feel that your employees need to be more welcoming, but again part of your charm.  Something about your facility just felt like I was at a friends place.  I did also enjoy the option of having beer/liquor with my food.  Your establishment just feels like I could be there right before a Jets game.  

 Now I just feel like I must show what I bought from you. 

 Yes, Hotdog and your onion rings.  Your homemade relish and mustard was magnificent.  They came together like they were meant for each other.  Did i mention that the fact that you deep fry your dogs is just so great.  If I had a choice I would throw bacon onto it, but then again I would put bacon on everything.  The onion rings were top notch, I have had better but it was fantastic. 

 To answer your question, yes it was so good that I had to get it twice. 

So Rutt's Hutt, I heart you.  It is hard for me to say that because I have another other hotdog place that was special to me for years.  I cannot say that you have replaced them, but you have come close to beating them, only if you had chili cheese dogs. 

To sum it up.  It was a great meal for cheap.  Atmosphere is okay, an acquired taste and or open mind to go into it.  Service was okay.  I really do wish they had an option to add chili to the cheese hotdog.  I don't know why they don't do it.

Here is the score:
Service: 3.7 (They weren't rude, but they weren't nice either.  I got my food)
Food: 4.6 (Deep fried dog is great, but they didn't have the choices I wanted)
Decor: 3.8 (Not dirty, not clean.  Feels outdated.  I loved it)
Price: 5 (great food at cheap prices!)
Total: 4.3

 Hugs and kisses

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