Wednesday, August 15, 2012

About me

I realize that many of you have spent a lot of time reading blogs, tweets and what have you about anything and everything in the world.  I have decided (with some encouragement) to try my hand at doing some food reviews.

So I came to the realization last night that in order for me to be taken seriously as a reviewer, you as my reader would probably like to know a little more about me.  What makes me an authority on food and all that stuff.

 I do not and will not claim that I am an expert on what is good food or bad food.  All I know is that I have eaten in many places and believe that my tastes are eclectic.  I know what makes a good burger and what makes a bad one.

So to justify and  or for you to really believe me, I am a fat kid that knows his food.  Yes, mostly I will be reviewing food in the New Jersey area, but I travel a lot for my real job so that will give me an opportunity to explore.  I can also that I have been to many countries and have partaken in their food.  I won't say my taste is sophisticated but it is well educated. 

All I can promise is that I will give you my honest opinion on food and everything that surrounds the food.  I hope you enjoy the reads.  I will be posting up one soon about a new burger place I have found. 

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