Thursday, August 16, 2012

East Coast Burger Company

Burgers.  Burgers are a staple in my life.  I have had my fair share of really bad to mind blowing burgers.  So I am always in the hunt for an amazing burger and fries combo.  I believe that a restaurant/diner can be made or broken by the quality of their product.  So when I come into a restaurant that has the main focus of a burger.  You better believe that I already have high expectations.  
East Coast Burger Company

This is a not so little place that I found in Ridgewood NJ.  I was in the are running errands and my usual restaurant was closed, so I was forced to eat here.  I honestly did not have high expectations for this place.  The exterior screamed of trying too hard to look like an old fashioned burger joint, plus the parking lot was empty, which did not bode well because it was peek lunch time.  

Ever the adventurer that I am about food, I took a chance and decided to walk in.   BEST DECISION EVER!  I walk in and see a wall full of options, so much so that I got a little overwhelmed.  That is one of the downsides to this place. Menu is great, but so large and overwhelming.   

So I ask the cashier to help me choose what to eat.  She was nice enough to point out her favorite burger and how she liked to eat it.  So I went with her choices.  I ordered their avocado burger, fries and a coke.  A nice simple meal to really get to know what they are.  

Their system isn't much different from Bobby's Burger Palace.  You order and then someone will bring your food out to you.  It's simple and easy.

The food:
The burger was cooked well.  I was not asked how I liked my burger cooked, but it was cooked well anyways.   Next time I go I will ask if I have a choice on how my burger is cooked.  Like most people I like my burger medium rare.  This burger was more on the medium side.  No real complaints though.  The taste and texture of the meat was good.  

The burger can really be broken down to it's ingredients very easily.  Potato bun, honestly my favorite type of bun; it gives a burger a sweet soft texture that no other bun can even try to come close to. Fresh avocado (good).  Fresh tomato and lettuce (expected).  Sauteed onion (good).  Patty (great).  Put it together and you have a symphony of good texture and taste.  

The fries were hand cut and fresh cooked.  Something I deeply appreciate from any burger joint.   

So all in all I highly recommend going and eating there.  I will give it a 4 out of 5.  That's a "dude you really need to go to this place" level. 

Score Broken Down:
Service: 5 (great people)
Decor/theme/environment: 3 (eh I had a chair to sit in. good enough for me.  Do not get me wrong the place is super clean I just think that the theme/decor is confused.)
Food: 4 (good)
Price: 4(relatively affordable)

So go eat and be merry.

Info about the place: follow the link.



  2. Replies
    1. That is a heavy question. I enjoy five guy burgers. I do believe that they make a great burger for a chain restaurant. From my point of view five guys makes a great traditional burger. You can get the flavor and taste of the main attraction, which is the meat itself. Five guys does a great job of showcasing just that.

      East Coast burger gives the meat and the food itself a different flavor profile.

      I cannot say which one is better, because that wouldn't be fair. It's like asking which one is better a red apple or granny smith apple. Same type of apple that is separated by a small differences.

      I encourage you to go and find out and make that decision on your own.

  3. It's always interesting for us to read reviews and see people's perception. Thank you for the review! We agree that hamburger places are like apples and there are many types of apples. We are familiar with all the different hamburger places and their style of cooking. We are friendly with the company that makes the meat for Five Guys and although the meat is quality we think the grind is too fine, not a real hamburger. Bobby's Burger Palace uses the same company. Five Guys only cooks one way and that is very well, no seasoning and then wraps the burger which leaves it still cooking. Bobbys Burger has the meat already pattied and cryovaced which doesn't give you the right texture. We do cook to order onn temp but the fact is that although we like burgers rare most people do not. We also use fresh ingredients which many other chains use canned. When we took theme, we like to consider ourselves a hip Norman Rockwell vibe. We didn't want to seem overl contrived like a Johnny Rockets. We servr seafood and our theme is east coast. Do you know where the first cattle ranch in the U.S. is located? Montauk! Surf and turf! don't forget to try our Ipswich clams or lobster roll. We have been told it's the best in the tri state area! We also make super premium ice cream! Thank's again for your review and good luck with your blog!

    1. Thanks. It's was a pleasure eating at your establishment. I look forward to eating there again.