Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rudy's Ristorante and Pizza, Closter NJ location

Like any foodie, I love to find surprises in places that are unexpected.  I love to find that little hole in the wall with mind blowing food.  

Rudy's Ristorante and Pizza
Here is some quick history. Rudy's was established back in 1963 and pretty much seems like it hasn't changed since then.  I am sure that they have done a few things to the decor over time, but I am fairly certain that most of the stuff inside that place is double my age.  This is by far not a bad thing at all.   I actually enjoy that fact, it gives the place a certain type of character.  Yeah, it's a little dated and a little old fashioned for my taste, but it works.

Let's talk about menu, it's simple and easy to read and choose.  That earns a couple points in my book.  I don't think they have really made any real updates or changes to it in years, and that is great.

I had heard through various sources that there is a hidden star in the menu.  The Chicken Scarpariello was supposed to be an amazing dish to be had at this place.  I happen to agree. 

I do usually take pictures of my food, it is a habit of mine.  I have been debating on if I should put pictures of what I eat.  I decided only on special occasions when my words fail me shall I put a picture.  There is really no amount of words to describe what you are about to see

Yup, you see that little dish on the top right.  You are given a choice of what type of pasta you want with that monster in the middle.  Then you can also request for some nice fresh bread.  When I say fresh, I mean still hot from the oven.  The bread is all warm and soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

The chicken cooked to perfection and so is everything else.  There is Italian sausage in there too that really works so well with the chicken the and sauce.  Talking about the sauce, I could just eat the sauce and be a happy little boy.  Give me a basket full of bread and a bowl full of that sauce and call it a day.

This was by far a great dish made with love and care.  It was so completely amazing. Yes, I believe this dish is built for two.  I did not care, I finished it by myself and enjoyed every little bite.  I should have taken a picture of what it looked like when I finished.  Lets just say that there was very little or nothing left on the plate.  The plate didn't need to be washed cause I cleaned the sauce with the bread.  

Okay here is the score:

Service: 4
Food: 4.5
Decor: 3.3
Price: 4.3 (good price for great food)

So a total score of 4.  Not bad for a place that is located inside a mini-mall.  I would say not bad at all.  I will definitely come back again.  Old school Italian food with lots of love and flavor.  You really have to come here to experience it.

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