Monday, August 20, 2012

Greek Village

I love finding places that feel like I am at home.  This is a place that I often pass but never really walked into until a few days ago.  I have been and always will be a fan of restaurants that cook food as if my mom or someones mom cooked it.  There is a certain amount of love that you can taste in each bite of the food.

The Greek Village
This is a nice little place that you would certainly just drive by if you are not looking for it.   Even though it is located on a main street, you would probably just pass on by without a thought.   I would say that you would be making a mistake.  

I have always enjoyed Greek food.  In fact at one point within this past year, it was the only thing I was eating.  On a whim and strong encouragement from a friend, I was asked to go eat at this place.

At first I had my doubts because it looked like any other Greek restaurant to eat in.  Actually this place looked more like a deli with seating in it.  The menu offered the same items like any other Greek place.  The good thing about this place was not only was it super clean but at that time I was eat (off peak hours), all tables were full.  That speaks volumes as that means it's popular at any given time. So my doubt turned into excitement.  

I know that the main attraction to most Greek places is the lamb.  Anyone that has tried to cook a lamb knows the difficulty level of how it is prepared.  So I order one of my favorite dishes to order, Lamb Kokinisto.  A dish that is made of lamb, orzo and some type of tomato sauce with cinnamon.  I also ordered a plate of their meatballs and Greek fries.  From what I believe, this is a well rounded meal that would show off their cooking skills and flavor profiles.  

Lamb Kokinisto:
I NEVER had lamb as well prepared as this.  I was under the impression that lamb, though good and flavorful, was a bit on the chewy side.  This lamb fell apart and melted in my mouth as if it were butter.  The orzo was prepared well, I had better orzo in my life.  The orzo needed to be cooked just a little more in my opinion.   The sauce was literally the cherry on top.  It was the glue that brought the whole dish together.  This particular Lam Kokinisto just reset my bar for this particular dish.

Can I tell you right now, that I still dream of these meatballs.  When I ordered them, I expected just regular meatballs.  I was so very wrong.  Words cannot describe how amazing these meatballs were.  A nice hard, but not too hard, crust on the outside and soft and delicious inside.  Perfection in every littler bite I had.  The meatballs came with a scoop of mashed potatoes.  The mashed potatoes had a vinegar taste to it, but combine the mash with the meatballs... welcome to flavor town.  This particular dish was the main attraction for me.  I was completely blown away from the flavor, texture and taste of it.  

Greek Fries:
Greek fries were kind of run of the mill.   The only thing that stood out was they use steak fries instead of shoestring.  

The environment is clean and very Greek (by that I mean white and blue colors everywhere).  The staff was pleasant and helpful.  The prices were better than I expected. 

So here is the score:
Service: 5
Food: 4.3
Price: 3.8

All in all 4.2

I highly recommend going just for the meatballs.  I cannot express how much I enjoyed that one dish there.  


Follow the link for info.  Unfortunately they do not have a website.

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