Sunday, September 23, 2012

U Pie Company

Pizza is very much a staple food.  I have traveled to many a places around the world and everyone seems to have their own version.  I am not here to tell you which version is the best.  I love my pizza and everything it represents.

U Pie Company
This is a small place located in the heart of Englewood NJ.  This is going to be a simple and easy review.  I would rank this place on my top 3.  Now that is a bit of a high standard considering that I have been to many pizza places.  The following is why I think this way.

First they make your pizza order a personal sized pizza, but not the crappy circular 4 slice ones.  The personal pizza comes in a oval and with 6 slices.  It's kind of a mini sicilian pie, and the best part it was all for me!

I do not know what this cook does to make this pizza so good, but I can't ask him to stop.  He makes this pie as if it were cooked in brick oven.  Yes, I said it "as if".  He makes this pizza out of a oven.  I am not saying that pizza made from an oven is bad, but i honestly prefer brick oven.  The quality and flavor and everything about it can be taken to the next level because of the brick oven.  This man was able to pack in so much flavor and awesomeness into his pies but he does. 

This man got it right.  He represents what is right about food.  He makes it clean, tasty, cheap, surprising, comfortable and best of all easy.  So here is to you sir making that pie for me at U Pie Company you did it right.

Service: 4 ( a little slow at times)
Food: 5
Decor: 4
Price: 5 (great food at cheap prices!)
Total: 4.5

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sorry they don't have their own web site.


 EDIT: 2-8-2013

Sadly I passed by this place today and it was closed for good.  It makes me sad when I see good places go out of business.  I will miss their food.  

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