Friday, September 14, 2012

Mr. Tod's Pie Factory

Pie.  I have been on a very long quest to find some really good pie for a long time.  There are few places in my area that only specialize in baked goods.  Those places are more likely to be a cupcake place.  So I have been on a quixotic journey to find it, only to find it right in front of my eyes.

Mr. Tod's Pie Factory
This place is literally 4 blocks away from my house.  I have passed by it so many times and not given it a second thought.  I honestly thought it was a pizza place.  When someone says pie to me, I think pizza.  So, naturally I never walked into the place.  

One day I was in the area of the restaurant and I decided to walk in, I wanted to grab a slice.  I was expecting pizza and all the stuff that came along wit it.  I walked up to the counter and was surprised with baked goods.  My fist thought was "oh wow this pizza place has desserts up front"  and as I looked around I came to realize that I was an idiot.  I saw that this "pie" factory was meant for baked goods.  So I adjusted my line of thinking and looked at the variety of food they had.  

Oh man can I tell you that they had quite the variety of baked goods indeed.  The young man behind the counter was nice and very helpful.  He suggested the mini peach cobbler and their apple crumble.  I was more than happy to accept his suggestions because those two were my two favorite type of pies.

I asked for them to be heated and of course with a scoop of ice cream.  I cannot tell you how delicious these two were.  I have been a big fan of peach cobbler for years.  I have a high standard because I have a friend that makes them for me.  I use her peach cobbler as the bar because it's so amazing and this place came so close to hitting that bar.  The apple crumble was just all around so good.  I cannot complain about anything from this place.  Plus, it was cheap so everyone wins. 

 That is what I ordered. 

Here is the score:

Service: 5
Food: 5
Decor: 5
Price: 5 (great food at cheap prices!)
Total: 5

In short, if you like pie and not the pizza kind, go to this place.  They are super friendly and helpful.  

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