Thursday, September 20, 2012

Filling Station and The 9W Market

I don't know why I haven't written a review about this place.  This is by far my number one place to go eat.  I consider this place to have some of the best food I have eaten period.  No joke or exaggeration here people, this is the place to eat at.

Filling Station and The 9W Market
This place is almost literally located in the middle of nowhere.  I have to drive almost 20 min just to get to the place from my house.  This place is surrounded by farm land and trees.  That is one of the major reasons why I love this place.  The fact that I can have a quiet place to eat and get away from the world.  This is a retreat for me, almost a mini-vacation.   This place to tucked away from the world that I often get lost in my mind and just enjoy the area.  I would say that this place is perfect in any season, even considering that most of the seating is outside.  

Lets talk about the food.  This is kind of complicated because the Filling Station and The 9W Market are two different places that share the same land and owners.  One is strictly a burger and ice cream shop and the other is a hot food and drink almost cafe type of place.  I will review both.

Filling Station
One word is all I need for this place.  This word is amazing.  They have found the secret to making the best damned burgers and fries that I have EVER eaten period.  When I eat a burger or french fries I use the Filling Station's burgers and fries as the bar.  When I first ate their burgers I literally heard a symphony in my mind.  Up to that point I thought I knew what a burger was, then I was educated.  This place takes  burgers and fries to a new and amazing place.  The texture, flavor and taste of that first bite was so great.  Honestly I wish I was a poet to be able to really put the food in better words.  The burger I ate was a kobe beef burger and it was just out of bounds awesome.  I know what you are saying.  Kobe beef is good all the time, and I agree.  So I also ate their regular burger and it was on the same level as the Kobe beef burger.  

So eat the burger here, and change your life.  You will never look at burgers the same again.  

The 9W Market
This place is kind of like a cafe and or coffee shop with an amazing kitchen to boost.  I have eaten many of their dishes and drank many of their drinks.  Honestly, I cannot say much more than may I have more.  I can spend days there just eating their food and desserts.  Their desserts are also one of my favorite things ever to eat.  Sometimes they have some homemade pies that really just blow me away.  They also feature one of my favorite iced teas ever, Joe Tea.  I can really sit here and talk about all the food there, but I think I will just run out of words to use.

Both shops are equally amazing.  I love to eat at both places all the time.  The staff is super friendly and amazing.  The food is cooked great and made great.  Some of the best highlights is that they use all organic food.  No hormones or steroids here people, all free-range and grass fed animals.  All the veggies are also all organic, no pesticides and chemicals.  Their bread comes from one of the best bakery's in the area, the balthazar bakery.   

So if you want to taste and eat real food, this is the place to go.  I am serious here people.  This is my favorite place to go to eat.  I almost did not review it just so that I can keep this place to myself, but I want to keep them in business.  Oh, I forgot to mention that this place is frequented by bicyclers so you may see a few of them there. 

Here is the score:
Service: 5
Food: 5
Decor: 5
Price: 2 (on the expensive side for the food, but worth the price tag)
Total: 4.25

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