Monday, October 1, 2012

Lotus Cafe

Chinese food is much like a pizza joint.  They are everywhere and most of the time they are pretty much the same.  They cook the same food and have the same menu.  But, sometimes you come across that special place that says no thanks to the cookie cutter formula that most others subscribe to.   This is one of those places.

Lotus Cafe
This place is weirdly found in a mini-mall area.  Yes, I know what you are thinking. Good food in a mini-mall that is unpossible!  Not only is it possible, it is a true story.  

When you walk into the place you will think you have walked into a normal Chinese restaurant  and you will have the instinct to walk away, RESIST IT!  Yes, the waiters can be a little rude, but I find it a partially charming.   The menu is somewhat traditional, large and with many choices. 

I know what is running through your head right now.  My credibility must be shot right now.  You are probably saying that this place is probably not worth the trip just because it seems so run of the mill.  I submit that it is quite in-fact the exact opposite.  

I will stray from the story for a bit to drive a point.  When you are going through a day and have a pleasant surprise, you are instantly uplifted.  This is that place.  It is a pleasant surprise, one that you would underestimate just from looks alone.  I say to you, do not be fooled about how the place looks, it's personality speaks volumes.  It's personality being it's food of course. 

Not only does the food come out in a relative quick time, but it comes out delicious.  I have yet to be really disappointed by the meals I have eaten there.  

If I may make several choices that has earned my love at this place.  First is the Sesame Chicken.  Second Sesame Prawn. Third Ginger Filet of Sole.  Fourth Sesame Steak.  Fifth Egg Roll.  Sixth Wonton soup.  These my readers/friends/random people is what makes this place so good.  I have yet to find another place to that makes these 6 dishes as good or better.  

Here is the score:
Service: 4
Food: 4.5
Decor: 4.5
Price: 4.5
Total: 4.3

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